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Stubborn Love - The Lumineers

It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all.

There is nothing as simplistic and beautiful as an acoustic scission. While they might be popular for “Ho Hey” they should also have more recognition for this song. This is actually my favorite song from the whole album. 

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Flashdance (What A Feeling)- Irene Cara

What a feeling is right! As I am currently an intern at a local radio station, I had to the opportunity to help program a new weekend feature for the summer: The Patio Playlist. Well, this was just one of the songs that played this weekend that I had chosen. I have never felt so full filled in my life as an intern. I love everything.

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Ho Hey- The Lumineers

So, I may only know of this song because of a TV commercial, but now I am in love. I would hear of them soon enough. Plus, there is a mandolin, and everything is better with a mandolin.

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Fire and Dynamite- Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

So I saw this band a few weeks back when I went to Minneapolis to see one of my favorite singer, Nathan Angelo. Well, they were the main act and I absolutely fell in love with their music, this song is in my “Top 3” of theirs. Yes, there are so many great songs by them that I have to have a top 3.

I have been humming this song in my head often lately as there are so many profound things that are mentioned, and priceless lines that are so beautiful. So listen to it, and listen to it again and again until your sick of it. Which, let’s face it, will be never. The lyrics are just outstanding and beautiful and make me love everything about love again, even if there is no one to sing it to… just yet.

They are a beautiful married couple who give love songs a new meaning. For more recommendations also listen to:

  1. Hung The Moon
  2. I Like to be With Me When I’m With You
  3. Hallelujah

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Sleeping to Dream- Jason Mraz

This has to be the most beautiful song of all time. I think that there is something to be said about quality talent like this. The voice, the guitar, and the words all coming together in perfect harmony to tell the story that we all have, that of the things that happen while we sleep: our dreams.

I have been writing often about dreams and “the vicious circle”, and that is where this will stand. I have had the same dreams lately all involving the same guy. I had three or four dreams and in everyone he was there to save the day. Hmmm. But then we go back to the vicious circle. But let’s face it, I’m that girl that if I like you, I will never show it. In fact, I might as well be completely ignoring you, but I do say “Hi.” I mean I have to be polite. 

So for the happiness that I need, I will go to my dreams. I will sleep and hope to see the happiness that is love. Even if it is made up in my head, I will be happy. This song speaks wonders to my situation, and I know that there are some many out there who need a song that is thier life story too. So here, dream, be happy. Maybe even your dreams will help you gain the courage you need. 

Be happy. 

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Watching You Watch Him- Eric Hutchinson

Well, it was bound to happen, I need a new song like a fish needs water: ALL THE TIME! But I am so glad that this one has made it my way. I love a good singer/song writer any day and this song just makes my “story of my life" list.

We all know that feeling, that our dream “boat” is in love with another person (or does not know we exist). I think this song perfectly encompasses that idea. That perfect idea that the object of your attention is in love with someone else, who has no idea they exist. It is truly quite the vicious circle.

As we near the ever dreaded Valentine’s Day, I think that it was the perfect timing for the release of this song. So, SINGLE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE! Here is to quality music to listen to and hopefully, in the words of Nathan Angelo (another favorite), and Brighter Day.

Enjoy the music of Eric. :)

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Jason and John

I now know why I love the new Jason Mraz song.

1. Becuase the lyrics are so poetically beautiful. I mean, God DAMN it is so beautiful, who could not love it?

2. The very beginning of the song resembles that of one of my favorite John Denver songs. Not that many people know about John Denver, that is unless you went to Colvig Silver Camps and love the likes of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” or “Rocky Mountain High”… But that is beside the point. The name of the comparative song is “Annie’s Song.”

3. The music of these two musicians are so near and dear to my heart and I thought that I would share the inside of my brain for a bit.

4. If you haven’t watched it yet you can either refer to it earlier on my blog or here:!


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For Once in My Life- Stevie Wonder

Terrible background dancing aside, this is a great song. Sometimes I wish that I grew up in the time of the greats like Stevie, while they were still in their heyday. I love this song, one day I will dance to it and it will have the meaning it is supposed to have behind it…some day.

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