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Fire and Dynamite- Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

So I saw this band a few weeks back when I went to Minneapolis to see one of my favorite singer, Nathan Angelo. Well, they were the main act and I absolutely fell in love with their music, this song is in my “Top 3” of theirs. Yes, there are so many great songs by them that I have to have a top 3.

I have been humming this song in my head often lately as there are so many profound things that are mentioned, and priceless lines that are so beautiful. So listen to it, and listen to it again and again until your sick of it. Which, let’s face it, will be never. The lyrics are just outstanding and beautiful and make me love everything about love again, even if there is no one to sing it to… just yet.

They are a beautiful married couple who give love songs a new meaning. For more recommendations also listen to:

  1. Hung The Moon
  2. I Like to be With Me When I’m With You
  3. Hallelujah

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